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Mr. Viken Najarian began playing the oud at an early age under the direction of his grandfather, Dikran, in Beirut, Lebanon. After coming to the United States in 1975, Viken began his apprenticeship to learn the art of oud building and continue his study of the instrument. His great love for the oud eventually led him to UCLA where he was a student of ethnomusicology. At the same time his playing career continued to flourish and he has enjoyed great success playing in the Southern California area as well as across the United States for more than 15 years.

The Oud

The oud is an ancient Middle Eastern instrument and the predecessor of the lute. In its present form it is used throughout the Middle East. The back, made of hardwoods such as maple, rosewood, mahogany and walnut, is formed from 13 to 21 ribs. Unlike the lute the oud has no frets and is played with a pick. The top should be made of spruce to provide good resonance and tone quality.

The Najarian Oud

As featured on public television, the Najarian oud brings to the 20th century a degree of craftsmanship and artistry rarely seen today. Each instrument is entirely handmade and features the finest woods as well as hand carved rosettes and finishing detail that make each of these instruments a work of art and an instrument of real distinction.

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